Portrait Submission Form

Thank you for ordering a Little Portrait! I can't wait to get started on your drawing. Once you've placed your order, please fill in the following form and attach your reference photos.


Photos should be large, clear (natural light is best) and ideally front-on. It's great to have at least one closed mouth smile and do confirm eye colour if it's not clear. If you include your Instagram handle in the form below, I'm only too happy to lurk you, if that will help me get your vibe 🤓


I've put together a page showing some examples of good and bad reference photos here.


If you have any special requests, put them in the "Artwork specifics" field. I'd love to make each portrait as personal as possible, so if you have a favourite colour, a special piece of jewellery or clothing, or just want to make sure I don't miss your freckles, give me all the details here. 


If you have any questions you can also drop me an email.